Gabriella Lace Top

Hot Pink


  • Stretch Lace Top 

    This lovely long sleeve lace top is a very versatile piece of clothing. The lace is stretchy so you can have a slim fit whilst still being comfortable and able to move. 

    Lace is a great way to add texture, print and interest to any outfit and is a popular fabric all year round and will never be out of style.


    The high neckline and long sleeves make it easy to have a little bit of lace poking out of any outfit even if you're wearing a big coat. 

    Winter Fashion 

    Winter is all about keeping warm and being able to adjust to the temperature whether you are outside or inside and this garment helps with that. When it's really cold this is an extra layer close to the body which helps keep the warmth in underneath your other layers, but when you're in a heated room this top is enough on its' own.

    Please note: model is wearing a Zin Slip Top underneath which is purchased separately

    Model is a size 10 wearing a size 10 

    All Clothing by Désirée is proudly made in New Zealand 

    Fibre content: nylon

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