5 ways to increase the lifespan of your clothing

5 ways to increase the lifespan of your clothing

When you have an item of clothing that you just absolutely love, you really want it to last and last. 

We do everything we can to ensure that our clothing is made from quality fabrics and is beautifully constructed so it will last, but once the item is made then the rest is up to you.

So I figured that it would be a great idea to give some tips of how to take care of your clothing so they last.


Tip #1 

Wash clothing inside out

Now you will either love or hate this tip, personally I love it because it is something that already happened a lot and now I don't have to feel bad. 

Wash everything inside out. (if you're a mother I can imagine you're cheering or sighing in relief right about now)

This still washes the garment well but prevents the colour fading as quickly.


Tip #2

Repair Clothing

Fix small problems before they become big problems

Part of my business is actually doing repairs and alterations for customers and so I can tell you from experience that if you come to me with a small hole I can fix it really easily and extend the life of your garment

On the other hand, come to me with a massive hole then no matter how well I fix it the days of that item are numbered


Tip #3

Steam Iron Clothing

Use lots of steam when you are ironing

(unless the tag specifically says do not steam)

Have you ever ironed something and had it melt or get that funny sheen to it? 

Well, if you iron with loads of steam then the chances of that happening are practically zilch.

(Trust me, I know from experience! Nothing like making a beautiful garment and then destroying it with an iron at the last minute to make you quickly learn the best way to avoid it)


Tip #4

Wash Clothing Less

Stop being an over washer.

This is a tip that is a huge relief for the person washing all the clothes (in our house that's me) but can also cause it's own problems (teaching kids about not wearing smelly clothes)

Clothes don't actually need to be washed after every single wear, so wash when needed. (socks and underwear are the exception, those are definitely a one wear and wash item)

Washing your clothing after every wear reduces the life span drastically as each wash slowly pulls out little fibres and over time your clothing things out and dye washes out. On top of that washing actually causes 50% of the environmental impact a piece of clothing has on the planet. 


Tip #5

Wash clothes separately

Don't wash denim and chiffon together

Denim and heavy towels can be abrasive in the washing machine and can be quite rough on delicate items. 

So wash lightweight items with other lightweight items and heavy items together to prevent any unnecessary damage, on top of this it is a good opportunity to use more specific wash cycles which can only help.



Well I hope these tips are helpful to you and may your clothing live on and on. If you have enjoyed these tips or have any other tips please comment below. I would love to hear from you.



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