Chloe Merino Cardigan


Merino Wool

  • Merino Wool 

    Merino wool is one of the most popular fabrics during Winter because it is lightweight, easy to wear and keeps you nice and warm. Which is why we've made the Chloe cardigan from beautiful black merino. 

    Wrap Cardigan 

    Everyone loves a wrap dress so a wrap cardigan is going to be just as comfortable and easy to fit. As an added bonus, the double layer in the front adds to the warmth which is definitely helpful on those chilly days. 

    The cardigan is fastened with a single tie and two D-rings so it acts like a belt and adds a little bit of hardware.

    Made in New Zealand 

    The cross over on this cardigan is high enough that you could wear it as a top on its own. We've tried to ensure it is a nice neckline but also good coverage.

    Petone Boutique

    All our clothing is proudly made in Wellington, New Zealand and we have our flagship boutique in Petone, Wellington. 

    Model is 167cm tall and wearing a size 10